Extraordinary Wines approved by Mother Nature.

The Avondale land was one of the first in the Paarl valley to be allocated specifically for the production of wine grapes. The picturesque 160-hectare farm has been under cultivation for more than 300 years.

Avondale is certified organic and are known to practice bio-dynamic agriculture in line with their ethos Terra Est Vita – ‘Soil is Life’, while also using the best 21st Century science, technology and knowledge to enhance overall sustainability. 

Our profile includes the Avondale Armilla Blanc de Blanc, Anima Chenin Blanc, Cyclus White Blend, Camissa Blanc De Noir, Samsara Decade Edition Syrah, and La Luna Bordeaux Blend.

Contact your local Portfolio Manager or our head office to order yours.

I do what the wines want me to do.– Cornè Marais, Avondale’s Wine-maker