Unlike traditional Vodkas that are by nature, plain in flavour, Zubrowka is an ideal base spirit for many traditional or signature cocktails…

Zubrowka & Apple Juice “Frisky Bison”

frisky bison


  • 50ml Zubrowka Vodka
  • Apple Juice
  • Slice of Apple to garnish

Simply pour the Zubrowka Vodka into a tall glass filled with ice & top up with apple juice. Garnish with an apple slice

Calm Bison

cucumber & mint


  • 50ml Zubrowka Vodka
  • Sprig of fresh mint
  • 3 cucumber slices
  • Soda Water

Combine all ingredients into tall glass filled with ice, stir to combine and garnish with an additional slice of cucumber.


Or use Zubrowka instead of your traditional plain vodka in classic cocktails such as a Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary and Screwdriver for an added kick of flavour.