In the 1800’s, many stills could be found on Arran, but soon these small distilleries closed down. Today,  Isle of Arran Distillers is the only distillery on the island. It was officially opened in 1995 and offered the first legal dram of Arran whisky in over 160 years when a three year old cask was opened in 1998!    

Arran Single Malts are only made from Scottish barley, fermented in vessels made from Oregon pine, distilled in tall, swan-necked copper stills and aged in oak casks that have been carefully chosen. 

As the South African distributor of this single malt that revived the whisky tradition on Arran, our portfolio includes the 10 year-old, 14 year-old, 18 year-old and the Amarone cask finish. 

Contact your local Portfolio Manager or our head office to enquire about these single malt whiskies or to find out about limited editions we bring in from time to time in limited quantities.