Sérgio Caetano, the founder of Germana, first produced cachaça more than a century ago using a small still he had on his farm located in the Minas Gerais province in Brazil. He produced it mainly for his own consumption, to supply the surrounding neighbours and to trade for supplies brought to Brazil from England. 

Cachaça (“ka-shah-sa”) is a Brazilian spirit, produced from unrefined sugar cane juice and corn flour. The cachaça made by Germana is regarded as one of the best cachaças in the world. This is not surprising, when you consider the attention to detail and passion that goes into every drop that is produced – entirely by hand. After the fermentation, distillation and ageing process is completed,  cachaça is bottled by hand and each bottle is carefully wrapped in banana straw to protect the spirit from light exposure.

We are the South African importer of this truly artisinal spirit and recommend Germana not only as the base for caipirinhas, but also to be served as a digestif or with an after-dinner coffee.

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