Caipirinha – The Official Drink of Summer

germana-plus-caip-copyCachaça is the national spirit of Brazil, made from distilled sugar cane juice and corn flour. While rum is distilled from molasses left over after extracting the sugar, Cachaça is distilled directly from the juice of the unrefined sugar cane.

Germana Cachaca is South Africa’s only available artisanal Cachaca and every bottle is lovingly hand crafted at the small family owned Germana Distillery in Minas Gerais, Brazil. With its rich aromatic flavour, but pure, clean finish this spirit can be enjoyed neat or as a base in a variety of cocktails. It’s distilled in copper pot stills, and mellowed in large oak vats for up to six months to smooth out the flavour. Many of these cachacas are subsequently aged in wood casks for up to 12 years.

You may have seen its popular incarnation, the Caipirinha (pronounced kai-pi-reen-ja ) on a cocktail menu’s but many do not know the history & unique characteristics of this refreshing concoction…

“Slave’s Drink” – the word Caipirinha literally translates from Slave or Peasant’s Drink as it was the hard working sugar cane field workers that originally developed it, using the local ingredients that they had to hand. By fermenting the available sugar cane juice with a simple ground corn starter, distilling and mixing with lime (also a plentiful fruit in Brazil), thus was born the basic Caipirinha. With time, the methods of distillation, maturation and mixing were refined and perfected, thus creating the perfect balance of sweet, sour and refreshing that is now enjoyed by people all over the world.


All you need is 50ml of Germana Cachaca, 1 lime, 1 heaped teaspoon of castor sugar and crushed ice – simply muddle all the ingredients together in a tumbler, topped with crushed ice, stir and enjoy!